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Let’s kick off the New Year with an absolute game changer for your business: Facebook ads.

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How We Can Help You

Every brand & business wants a steady stream of new clients and sales. Few know how to accomplish it. We’ve got you covered. The key to being profitable lies in your sales funnel. With Facebook & Instagram advertising, we can help you do more at every stage of the consumer’s journey, from discovery to purchase.


Your business has a lot to offer, but more people should know about it – time to put it on their radar. We’ll drive brand and product awareness, and build anticipation for new launches by reaching your target demographic.


People know about your brand, but they’re not customers yet – we’ll get them to learn, follow and explore what you’re offering. We’ll find more leads and buyers to develop deeper customer relationships.


Turn interest into action. Increase purchases, sign-ups and other valuable actions by unifying the entire shopping experience – from online spaces to physical shops.

Who We Are

Evocative Media is a Digital Marketing Agency specialising in scalable Facebook & Instagram Advertising Solutions and Content Creation. As tech-savvy creators, thinkers, listeners and innovators, we’re entirely focused on helping our clients scale to success with our full funnel strategy.

We don’t claim to be a full-scale digital agency, because we have a laser focus on what we’re good at, so we can continue to work in the top of our field. In all we do, we strive to over-deliver and under-promise, with a simple and clearly defined goal: to help brands and businesses generate more revenue through Facebook & Instagram ads and content marketing. That’s it.

Here’s to your success!

Tech-savvy creators, thinkers, listeners, innovators and most of all, doers.


Our approach is equal parts creative and strategic. We combine our expertise in creative and critical thinking to create smart, efficient campaigns that stand out from the crowed and convert. Unlike other agencies, we measure sales, not clicks, reach and vanity metrics such as likes and follower count. ‎Our primary focus is on maximising ad spend and the metrics that matter: sales.

We also understand that digital marketing is fluid. Just because a strategy worked a year, month or week ago doesn’t mean it’s relevant now. We analyse, test, measure, and repeat. We know there is a science to successful social media campaigns, which is why you need an analytical, data driven team of creatives, like us, in your corner.


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