So, you want to give Facebook Ads a serious go… but should you hire an agency or run the ads yourself? ⠀

Here’s a quick guide to help you work out if you’re ready to work with a Facebook ads agency.

👉When to run ads yourself⠀
➕Your product/service is brand new: if your product tanks (it happens) or you realise you need to totally re-invent your website (it happens, a lot) the last thing you want to do is dish out at an agency or expert consultant when you really need that money for R&D⠀
➕You’re on a budget (of $2,000/month or less): while it can still pay off to hire an agency when you’re on a small-ish budget, you’ll still need to account for the cost to hire them to run your campaigns⠀
➕You’re a Facebook marketing ninja – then by all means, go wild… and be sure to drop us a line, because we’re hiring!⠀

👉When to hire an agency⠀
➕You don’t have the all resources – Facebook Ads Strategist, graphic designer, copywriter… remember, a lot of different skills go into creating a successful campaign⠀
➕You’re ready to scale + grow (and fast): your ads are doing ok at the moment, but you’re looking to take your business to the next level, and Facebook Ads can help do just that!⠀
➕You want experts on board – who are in the know about the latest algorithm changes, platform updates and industry trends – look no further than a Facebook Ads agency. ⠀

If you’re tired of trying to figure it out all on your own or you’re just not seeing the results you were hoping for then it might be time to call in the experts.

If you’re looking for a Facebook ads agency to hire, we might know a good one 😉.