Everyone’s an “expert” at Facebook ads until Facebook proves otherwise⠀

Opinion piece by Jess Vassallo.

Is it just me or is everyone suddenly a social media or Facebook ads “expert” these days?

It seems that gone are the days when the word “expert” meant true mastery of a skill or a deep and profound understanding of a topic.

However, with social media providing a platform and ease to update one’s level of skill from ‘just started an online course in xyz’ to ‘expert in xyz’ in a matter of mere months somewhat brings forth the democratisation of the word expert.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many credible and experienced practitioners, consultants and agencies crushing it in the digital and social space.

But unfortunately, there are also a lot of “experts” with little experience, operating outside of integrity, overpromising and underdelivering.

I’m not calling out all “experts”, just merely those leading other businesses astray by doing so.

Where ever you’re at in your journey to becoming a true master of skill – embrace it and just be transparent about it – I promise you, you’ll get more respect and business by being transparent and operating within integrity.

Here’s the thing, I talk to brands and businesses every day with many of them coming to me after being burnt by an “expert”. Oftentimes being left severely out of pocket and with very little to show for it.

It breaks my heart.

Not just for the client but for those that actually do great work and deliver great results.

I’m talking about the kind of results that truly impact a business like bottom-line growth.

So the big question is, how do brands and businesses differentiate a ‘social media marketing expert’ or ‘Facebook ads expert’ from the average daily platform user?


Knowing your way around a platform is one thing but understanding how to generate real results is a whole other ball game.

Do your due diligence and ask to see testimonials and case studies.