Despite what the advertising “gurus” want you to believe organic content is NOT dead.

Because we live and breathe digital marketing & paid social strategies, you might think we only want you to focus on paid advertising…⠀

Dead wrong.

In fact, paid advertising and a great organic content strategy go together like…

Batman and Robin..⠀
Peas and carrots..⠀
Salt and pepper..⠀
Seth Rogen and James Franco..⠀

You get the picture… ⠀

While ditching your organic content strategy for paid advertising or vice versa might seem like a smart move, it’s not 🙅‍♀️.

You need both.⠀

That’s because organic content and paid advertising both serve different marketing purposes within your overall plan. Organic content is also great for listening, learning and responding to your customers and building an engaged community.

Showing up for your audience consistently with an organic content strategy is going to help you build credibility, trust, affinity AND your custom audiences.⠀

A custom audience is one that has previously interacted with your brand and when re-targeted via paid advertising (super powerful), they’re more likely to take the action you want them to like buying or opting-in because they already know, like and love your brand.⠀

A paid advertising strategy can help to ignite your brand visibility and reinforce core messages that you’ve shared via your organic content strategy – and of course help you to generate more leads and sales consistently. Paid social also allows you to target, reach and convert bigger audiences you otherwise wouldn’t have access to with just an organic content strategy.⠀

Don’t give up on your organic content strategy just because you’re investing in social advertising and vice versa. When done well, organic and paid strategies complement each other nicely and can further elevate your brand.