People ask this all of the time and we get it – investing in Facebook ads, especially for the first time, can be scary. You want to get a great return on your ad spend… and fast.

While it’s possible to run profitable ads from day 1, most businesses will need to wait longer than that.

Typically, we tell clients to wait at least 90 days for their ads to become profitable.

Why 90 days? Glad you asked.

It’s because:

–       You need to ‘buy data’ before you can make a profit.

With Facebook Ads, the majority of your sales will come from re-targeting campaigns.

That’s because people who’ve already shown an interest in your brand are more likely to buy than those who haven’t.

That means that at first, you’ll have to pay to reach the right users  – in other words, ‘buy data’.

During this important (but often overlooked) phase, you might not get a single sale. Don’t panic – that’s normal. 

But don’t worry, you’re not ‘losing money’ – you’re just investing in data. Be patient and you’ll reap the rewards of your investment soon enough.

–       All profitable ad campaigns need testing, testing and more testing.

When crafting a successful Facebook ad campaign, there are so many variables to consider: copy, creative, audiences, placements, optimisations, landing pages, call to action buttons…the list goes on.

Even the pros don’t always get it right the first time – the key is to test as many variables as possible to ensure you’re running the best possible (and profitable!) Facebook ad.

And like so many things worth having in life… it takes time.