We are more than just a Facebook ads agency. We are also not like most marketing companies. Since 2014 we’ve been committed to pioneering positive change in the digital marketing industry.

What We Do Best

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Digital Marketing Strategy

Sales Funnels


Social Media Marketing

Content Creation

Email Marketing

What makes us unique is our hands-on and holistic approach to digital marketing. We look beyond what’s possible with just Facebook ads and focus on every consumer touch-point and look for opportunities for growth and improvement.

We also have a community-first approach. We don’t believe in pushy, invasive, scare-tactic advertising just pure customer-centric advertising that meets your consumers at the very stage they’re at in their journey with your brand.

When creating campaigns, our team takes both a creative and strategic approach, using our combined expertise to craft Facebook & Instagram ads that look natural in the newsfeed, cut through the noise and convert.

Through strategic planning and collaboration, we can:

  • Build a sales process that’s aligned with your core values, mission and beliefs
  • Create a clear and actionable path to purchase online
  • Create customer centric, profitable, sustainable and scalable paid media campaigns
  • Deliver performance-based marketing along the entire path to purchase
  • Leverage your existing data to re-engage past and present customers
  • Reach new and untapped audiences and create awareness and desire for your brand and products
When you work with us, you’ll feel as though we are an extension of your team. We pride ourselves on working within integrity, offer complete transparency and set realistic expectations from the outset.

What We Stand For

We believe in operating within integrity at all times with our colleagues, customers peers and partners.
We’re changing the agency norm by putting our clients success ahead of our own.
We say what we mean. Transparency is at the heart of our core values and we always strive to conduct our activities with complete and open transparency.
We believe in creating, enhancing, and celebrating collaboration with our peers, partners and within the workplace.

Our Fearless Leaders

Jess Vassallo

Jess Vassallo

Founder & CEO

Jess is known to most of our clients as their outsourced CMO because of the high-level of experience and knowledge she brings to every campaign and project. Jess started Evocative Media in 2014  with a passion for helping brands grow and scale.


Kain Vassallo

Kain Vassallo

Director of Digital and Strategy

Kain manages our in-house and global digital team from a strategic and tactical perspective to ensure our clients receive the best value, results and exposure on their digital media spend. When Kain’s not scaling campaigns and deciphering data he can be found walking his dog, Letty or training at F45.

Ready to make Facebook ads the fastest growing revenue source in your business?