About Us

Evocative Media

Evocative Media is a Social Media Marketing Agency specialising in scalable Facebook & Instagram Advertising Solutions and Content Creation. We don’t claim to be a full-scale digital agency, because we have a laser focus on what we’re good at, so we can continue to work in the top of our field. In all we do, we strive to over-deliver and under-promise, with a simple and clearly defined goal: to help brands and businesses generate more revenue through Facebook & Instagram ads and content marketing. That’s it.

Our Approach

Our approach is equal parts creative and strategic. We combine our expertise in creative and critical thinking to create smart, efficient campaigns that stand out from the crowed and convert.

“Unlike other agencies, we measure sales, NOT clicks, rankings, and vanity metrics like reach & follower count. ‎Our primary focus is on maximising the metrics that matter and thats getting greater sales and leads for our clients.” 

We also understand that digital marketing is fluid. Just because a strategy worked a year, month or week ago doesn’t mean it’s relevant now. We analyse, test, measure, and repeat. We know there is a science to successful social media campaigns, which is why you need an analytical, data driven team of creatives, like us, in your corner.

We’ll Look After You

At Evocative Media, we like to do things differently. We’re driven by a desire to deliver real value to all clients by offering complete transparency, the highest levels of service and integrity. 


Social Media Marketing is NOT a magic bullet for your business. In fact, paid social only expands and amplifies what is already going on in your business, good or bad. If your product, brand or website is not performing, your success with Facebook & Instagram ads will be limited.

From the get-go, we set realistic expectations with our clients. Prior to commencement, we carry out the necessary audits to test and measure the ‘traffic readiness’ of each client. The reality is, that no agency or marketer can guarantee a specific ROI for any type of marketing and advertising – not on Facebook, Instagram, television, radio, or any other medium.

While we can’t guarantee the success of all campaigns, our clients continue to see remarkable results with Facebook and Instagram advertising.