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The Evocative Media team created a high-converting sales funnel utilizing Facebook Ads to drive new traffic and re-engage consumers based on where they are at in the journey with the brand.
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Selling out the Banwood Trike with Facebook Advertising

The Kido Store engaged Evocative Media to launch a pre-sale campaign for their new Trike product, a beautiful vintage designed toddler tricycle.

With no discounts or offers to incentivise consumers to purchase the product early, the Evocative Media team leaned on the exclusiveness of limited available stock, creating scarcity around the product.

Being a high ticket item, a full funnel strategy was implemented to help nurture consumers through multiple touch points and messaging depending on where they were at in the customer journey.

Consumers were retargeted with Unique Selling Points (USP) of the product, Free Shipping as an added bonus and shop now, pay later payment options, showcasing the product through lifestyle creatives.

Before the product had even reached the country the highly anticipated Trike was sold out with orders even coming in for the next shipment. Our clients were delighted with this wave of revenue during a very hard time for retail stores due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Client feedback

We were very impressed with the way Evocative Media were able to execute the pre-sale of the Banwood Trike.
Luke Reichinger, Director
Alright Kids