Kleva Range

Consistent 6x ROAS over 18 months


The Evocative Media team created a high-converting sales funnel utilizing Facebook Ads to drive new traffic and re-engage consumers based on where they are at in the journey with the brand.
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Leveraging engagement to consistently generate 6x ROAS

The Kleva Range team came to Evocative Media to expand their social media presence and reach new audiences through paid social advertising.

With a wide range of innovative products to showcase, the team developed a high performing sales funnel that would allow consumers to interact and discover new products that could assist making household duties a faster and easier process.

We leveraged the brands existing database to create new prospecting audiences as well as generate great engagement and social proof on ads before exclusively targeting cold traffic. This not only accelerated exposure for the brand but created an element of trust with consumers searching the comments for feedback from previous customers to assist with their decision making to buy.

To gain even greater exposure and scale the ad account the team utilized segmented social placements and formats, to create ads that were native to each placement. This allowed the account to optimize on a more granular level maximising impressions and results.

Kleva Range

Client feedback

We’ve been working with Evocative Media for the past 18 months. They took us from the very beginning as a company that had no presence on social media and we found it was such a beautiful partnership – they literally held our hand in those early stages, and they really did a great job in guiding us through and now we have a fully established ad account and have had a really successful return on ad spend. It’s been such a great experience so far working very closely with the team and it’s not just on emails, we meet up, we go through things, we bounce ideas, it’s helped us to really solidify our brand identity as well, and I thoroughly recommend you to work with them.
Lucy Johnston, Digital Commerce Manager
Kleva Range