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9,771% ROI in just 11 months


The Evocative Media team created high-converting automations and campaigns to increase sales and revenue with exceptional results.
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How Splice Boutique made a 9,771% ROI in 11 months with email marketing

The Evocative Media team worked together to create unique strategies that would not only achieve the client’s objective but also exceed their expectations. Through our email marketing strategies, our team was able to successfully increased revenue driven via email marketing by 460% and implemented strategies that nurtured customers through every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Our approach was to send lifecycle emails to the brands customers at the right time in their user journey to encourage first time and repeat purchasers, increase the Average Order Value and reduce churn. We also set-up automated systems that would help Splice Boutique generate a significant portion of monthly revenue from email marketing.

We implemented and optimised the following email automation flows:

  • Welcome Series split by purchaser vs non-purchaser:
  • Abandoned Cart Series split by cart value
  • Browse Abandonment Series
  • Post Purchase Series designed to add value to the reader:
  • Back In Stock Series
  • Customer Winback Series

These email automation flows have consistently increased revenue each month, but most importantly, they have done a wonderful job at nurturing customers through every stage of the buying cycle.

Email campaign management also formed a substantial part of our overall email marketing strategy. We put strategies in place to significantly improve Splice Boutique’s sender reputation, email open rates and click through rates. Within one month of working together, we successfully boosted open rates to 25-30% and click rates to 5-8% – which is well above the industry average.

Finally, we placed a wealth of emphasis on creating beautifully designed emails with engaging, on-brand copy across a variety of content types including sales, promotions, new arrivals, product drops, styling tips etc. By doing this we were able to achieve our client’s goal of sending emails that their subscribers were excited to open in their inbox.

By implementing the above email marketing strategies, we were also able to conduct Progressive Customer Profiling which allowed us to collect valuable customer information for the brand. This allowed for more personalised touchpoints.

After successfully creating high-converting email marketing strategies for Splice Boutique, Evocative Media have now also implemented successful Paid Social and Paid Search acquisition strategies that support the overall growth of the brand online. We leveraged the brands existing customer data and created lookalike audiences in order to target higher quality audiences through paid social.

Splice Boutique

Client feedback

Evocative Media has had an integral role in Splice Boutique’s e-commerce growth since 2020. Delivering outstanding month on month results driven by strategy, industry expertise and performance. Through their work, revenue generated via online advertising (email marketing, paid social and paid search) has increased by 169% YoY. Jess and the team are an absolute pleasure to work with, always exceeding exceptions and offering new suggestions and technology to continuously improve our account. We very much look forward to working with the team in the years to come.
Maddi Campbell
General Manager