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Gluten Free Beer Brand Unlocks Massive Growth Partnering With Evocative Media


The Evocative team leveraged Facebook & Instagram ads to create greater exposure for the Twøbays brand that focuses on a niche target market to help unlock incredible growth for the brand.
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How we achieved the brands highest revenue month and then doubled it in 2 months!

The Twøbays team engaged Evocative Media to help create greater awareness around their brand and products, reach new and untapped audiences and increase sales and revenue for the online store.

The Evocative Media team leveraged Facebook ads to reach the brands target market and utilised messaging that resonated with the consumer, their needs and their desires.

The strategy was designed to encourage trial, while leveraging social proof through the use of User Generated Content and reviews to help build trust with the brand and convert consumers into

With regular new beer releases we were able to remarket new products to the clients database, which would generate a constant stream of revenue from highly engaged customers, increasing the Lifetime Value of a customer, while allowing us to be more aggressive in prospecting to new audiences.

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Client feedback

The Shopify data year to date is incredibly impressive. Evocative Media have delivered over and above our expectations – they have delivered 90% growth year on year for us. When I did my budget last year, I thought we might grow by 30% – if we were lucky – but the Evocative Media team has shown us how big the direct to consumer opportunity can be. Evocative Media has really shown us what they can do, and we view them as an extension of the TWØBAYS team. Our wholesale business is up dramatically on the back of the broader reach generated by Evocative Media.
Twøbays Brewing Co