Email Marketing and the Power of the Klaviyo Post Purchase Flow

Email Marketing and the Power of the Klaviyo Post Purchase Flow

The Klaviyo Post Purchase flow is a vital email automation and an essential part of the customer journey that your ecommerce business is missing.

As an email marketing agency we prioritise the Post Purchase flow with equal importance to more well established email automations such the Abandoned Cart and Welcome Series. It is with very good reason we place such an emphasis on the customer journey after purchasing – it is rooted in our email marketing and ecommerce philosophy.


Generate Lifetime Customers

The goal of any successful ecommerce business is to generate lifetime customers. Email marketing is the most effective way to enhance this philosophy.

When it is performing well email marketing will be your most consistent channel and should account for at least 30% of your total revenue. This is why we use Klaviyo for its advanced metrics that allow for KPI driven email marketing.

Looking at the customer journey with a data driven approach and through the lens of our philosophy allows us to focus on the reason customers fall in love with your brand and what effect this has on your customer’s average order value and lifetime value.


The First Purchase Journey

What happens after a customer places their first purchase is a continually neglected part of the customer journey. We want to educate new customers about your brand, engage with them about their purchase, excite them about being new customers, and compel them to become a returning and loyal customer.

It is important to differentiate between these first-time and returning customers. They are each in a unique position in their customer lifecycle. A returning customer who has purchased has had a chance to enjoy your products enough to order twice. Communicating with your customers naturally on their journey is important.


Integrate, Integrate, Integrate…

The Post Purchase flow allows this level of nuance to the customer journey. Perhaps you want to introduce a customer loyalty program using a platform such as Loyalty Lion, or generate customer reviews using Okendo.

We use this flow to enrich the way your customer interacts with your brand. By using robust integrations from these platforms we gain rich data from your customers. We use this data to create bespoke customer journeys in Klaviyo.

A customer purchasing 3 times and is not yet a part of a  loyalty program and should educated about your programs. The Post Purchase flow can leverage their customer profile and send well crafted emails. These compel them to sign up and enjoy the unique benefits they are missing.


The Data

The data from Klaviyo shows Post Purchase emails receive very high engagement. As a result, we see a 217% higher open rate and 500% higher click rate and 90% higher revenue per recipient than email campaigns.

This is why we place such an emphasis on the Post Purchase Flow. Your ecommerce business needs a well crafted Post Purchase journey for your customers. This is why Klaviyo themselves explain that “post-purchase emails are essential for growing your brand”.

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