Should I Hire A Facebook Ads agency? Read this before you take the leap.

Should You Hire A Facebook Ads Agency?

One morning, you scroll down your Facebook feed, and spot an epic-looking ad.

It’s one of those brand videos with cool visual effects and quirky captions that sound clever even with the sound off.

And there’s hundreds of likes and comments singing the praises of whatever products are featured in the video.

The creator? One of your competitors. #jealousmuch

But what makes you extra envious is that you’ve been trying your hand at Facebook ads for a while…

…but no one’s showing any interest in your ads, and you’re barely breaking even.

So you think to yourself: I’ll get some help!

Great idea.

But what now… Should you keep trying to learn the ropes yourself by reading a million blogs online, or perhaps getting a team member on the case? Maybe you could even hire someone who’s an expert at this stuff?

Wait… how about a Facebook ads agency?

All of these options are great – and they all have their pros and cons, too.

Let us give you the down low so you know exactly what solution to pick for your online store.


Should I run my ads myself or hire someone else to do it for me?

Think of Facebook advertising as an investment like any other, such as stocks.

Which means you could either give it a go yourself by learning how to trade, or get some experts to manage your portfolio for you.

Usually, your decision would depend on these three things:

1. The amount of $$$ you’ve got: If you’re on a budget (of $2,000/month or less), outsourcing your ads might not make financial sense right now. Once you deduct fees, you might not be left with much cash to invest in your actual campaigns (read more about budgets here – include link to blog).
2. Your expertise: this one’s a no-brainer. If you’re already well-versed in Facebook ads strategy, you don’t need anyone else to go create those killer campaigns!
3. Your time (or lack thereof): Okay, so perhaps you, or a team member, are pretty good at creating campaigns that convert… but you’re completely swamped right now. In which case: time to ask for help.


Agency vs In-house Facebook ads strategist – which one is better?

Okay, so you’ve realised you don’t have the time, or the expertise to run Facebook ads… but you do have some $$$ to spare and you’re keen to get started asap.

What now: should you hire an agency, or get your very own Facebook ads strategist?

If you opt for the latter, just remember – you’ll probably end up having to hire multiple people.

The thing is, when running Facebook ads, you need a diverse set of skills, including:

  • Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Project management
  • Website UX
  • Email automation

We could keep going like this for a while…

One of the perks of hiring an agency is that they’ll have dedicated team members who are experts in all these areas. They’ll also be in the know about the latest algorithm changes, platform updates and industry trends.

Just a word of caution: when looking for an agency, do your research. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of “experts” out there with little experience, operating outside of integrity, overpromising and under delivering. Take the time to get to know your agency before you commit.


Alright, so what is it like to work with Evocative Media?

Evocative Media is a social media agency based in Sydney, specialising in eCommerce marketing and advertising (we’re especially well-versed in Shopify). We help established brands grow and scale with Facebook and Instagram ads. But we also believe in a holistic approach to digital marketing, incorporating email marketing management and automation to take our clients’ advertising campaigns to the next level.

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